Is your staff finding it difficult to keep up with your on-site interview training requests? Do you need help providing the best possible interview coach to your clients, students and alumni, yet need to keep within a budget? Please read on.

My name is Carole Martin and my business is Interview Coaching ( I am writing as a 15 year professional interview coach and expert in helping people get the jobs they deserve. I have coached thousands of job seekers, from entry level applicants and new graduates to executive professionals, through the years and I know what it takes to impress an interviewer to get to a job offer.  My experience includes eight years as an interview expert for, a Master’s degree in Career Counseling, and 18 years of Human Resources and Staffing experience in numerous industries.

I would like to introduce you to my new program for Career Center coaches and staff to use in conjunction with other career service programs to help prepare job seekers for their job search and give them a competitive edge in today's competitive job market.

The program offers job seekers targeted interview training and tips that will give them a powerful leg up over other individuals. Traditionally, interview coaching is expensive and dependent on the quality of the instructor local to the job seeker’s area.  This program is fully automated and allows access via the internet, so your job seekers can access it anytime from any web-enabled computer.  They will get the benefit of my years of interview coaching experience and be able to progress through the program at their own pace.

You will welcome the program’s ease of use and cost.  It is a one-time payment for unlimited use on your career center's server or individual computers. This program is far cheaper than some other expensive programs on the market today.

You are probably wondering exactly what the courses include. You will have all documents found in our courses at this online career center including great tools to help novice to experienced job seekers:

  • Interview Fitness Training interactive learning program
  • Job Interview Secrets Revealed audio
  • Ace Your Job Interview (3 audio sessions)
  • Seven Steps to Successful Interviewing study guide
  • 10 Most Asked Job Interview Questions study guide
  • Latest and Greatest Interview Tips audio
  • Worksheet for Personal Statement (Students and Professional versions) interactive learning program
  • Interview Questions and Answers Expanded study guide
  • Free support

Your job seekers will appreciate my step-by-step coaching style that takes them through all aspects of the interview process.  Interview Fitness Training combines audio, video, and workbook exercises designed to prepare the job seeker for the toughest questions and situations.  The Interview Fitness Training Module is broken down into six sessions that target all the different areas of interviewing:

  • Training Session I – Interview Anxiety
  • Training Session II – The Product (YOU)
  • Training Session III – The Preparation, where job seekers learn to talk about themselves with comfort and ease
  • Training Session IV – Frequent Interview Concerns
  • Training Session V – The Rules of Salary Negotiation
  • Training Session VI – After the Interview

Your job seekers will have the opportunity to work through exercises at their own pace depending on the rules you set for your center. They can print off take home study sheets for practice and review.  Plus they have the ability to access the training module as many times as they feel necessary to grasp the material and feel comfortable with their interviewing skills.

In today’s tough job market, finding employment can be a daunting task.  With so many individuals out of work and looking for a job, competition for positions of all types is fierce.  Job seekers need all the help they can get to give them a competitive advantage and help them land that job.  This is where I can be of assistance.

It’s easy to get access to the Career Center Interview Coaching program. The first step is to order The Career Center package from You will have all materials we use here for the individual courses to download and add to your servers or computers. Click here to see what your license includes and does not include.

Taking advantage of this professional interview coaching  will increase confidence and the success of the job search.

I look forward to assisting you with your interviewing needs.

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